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Sun Pacific Roofing, Inc. is a full service residential and commercial roofing contractor based in Los Angeles, California. We are dedicated to customer service and strive to provide the highest quality work at competitive prices. Our services include roof replacement, new roof construction, repairs and maintenance for all commercial and residential homes.

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Los Angeles County In the fertile and blessed land of the United States, there lies a county that encompasses varying aspects to make it much more effective and worthy to live on in this world. This county being described is Los Angeles. It is located in the metropolitan area of California as one of the states comprising the United States of America. It is considered the most populated county in the United States has a total of 10 million citizens as of 2018, which is continuously increasing rapidly. Los Angeles is recognized as a non-state level government and largest entity in the United States. Across the world, it is also recognized as the third-largest metropolitan economy, which encompasses an effectively developing economy, providing a lot of opportunities and good quality of living to the valued citizens. It has a Nominal GDP amounting of $700 billion which is larger than the Nominal GDPs of Norway, Belgium, and Taiwan. Los Angeles is composed of 88 incorporated cities and also some unincorporated cities sitting in a total of 4, 083 square miles land area or equal to 10, 570 km2. It is also more massive than the combined and regions of Rhode Island and Delaware. One-quarter of the residents of California are living in this county, and it is recognized as one of the most diverse regarding the ethnics among the other counties in the US. Los Angeles is home to some of the great activities such as concerts, tournaments, shows, tours, and other else. Buildings and other infrastructure are also available in this county, which directly represents the quality of living and experience provided by the place. History of Los Angeles Originally, Los Angeles is one of the counties in California. In 1850, during the statehood, it was created and developed in the next following years. It also originally includes the part known nowadays as the San Bernardino, Kern, Riverside, Tulare, Inyo, Orange, and Ventura counties. Between 1851 and 1852, the county had stretched as it reached the borders next to Nevada. Also, as the population of this place is rapidly increasing, the establishment of the San Bernardino County in 1853, Orange County in 1889, and Kern County in 1866 are made possible and clear. In the early 1870s, the county was further divided into several townships which are representing old ranchos as amalgamations. These are:
  • City of Los Angeles
  • Azusa
  • Los Angeles Township
  • El Monte
  • San Jose
  • Los Nietos
  • Santa Ana
  • San Gabriel
  • Tejon
  • San Pedro
  • San Juan
Geography Based on the Bureau of US Census, Los Angeles as a county, has a total area of 12, 310 km2 which is also equivalent to 12, 310 km2. 15% of it is water which is also equal to 1,790 km2 and 4, 058 miles as the land. The borders of Los Angeles reach up to 70 miles or 110 km of the Pacific Ocean’s coast and encompasses different valleys, mountain ranges, islands, forests, desert, rivers, and lakes. Los Angeles is blessed and rich with varying water and land treasures. These include the San Gabriel River, Rio Hondo, Santa Clara River, and the Los Angeles River as it flows throughout the county. The main mountain ranges in this county include the San Gabriel and Santa Monica Mountains. Beginning in the Antelope Valley, located in the Northeastern region of the county, Mojave Desert’s western extent can be found. Most of the county’s population can be found in the southwest and south regions, having the majority of the population centers in the San Fernando Valley. Los Angeles Basin, and the San Gabriel Valley. Other centers of population are located in the Pomona Valley, Antelope Valley, Santa Clarita Valley, and Crescenta Valley. The county is also divided to east-to-west by the mountains of San Gabriel, which are included as parts of the Transverse Ranges in the Southern regions of California. The Angeles National Forest is what contains these mentioned places in the county. In the San Gabriel Mountains, the highest peaks such as the Mount San Antonio are located. It stands with a total height of 3.069 meters or 10,086 feet. It also has the Mount Burnham having an altitude of 8,997 feet or 2,742 meters. Mount Wilson with 5,710 overall height, Mount Barden-Powell with 9,399 feet and a lot more. In the other remaining regions of the county, smaller peaks can be found. It includes the Sierra Pelona Mountains, San Emigdio Mountains, and the Tehachapi Mountains. Los Angeles also includes Santa Catalina Island, as well as the San Clemente Island. Both are part of the Pacific off the coast and recent Channel Islands archipelago. Reservoir and Lakes in Los Angeles Los Angeles is blessed with lots of varying natural attractions, offered activities, and a lot more. Given this, here are the top reservoirs and lakes on it.
  • Castaic Lake
  • Baldwin Lake
  • Crystal Lake
  • Bouquet Reservoir
  • Holiday Lake
  • Elizabeth Lake
  • Hollywood Reservoir
  • Jackson Lake
  • Hughes Lake
  • Las Virgenes Reservoir
  • Morris Reservoir
  • Malibou Lake
  • Munz Lake
  • Lake Palmdale
  • Puddingstone Reservoir
  • Quail Lake
  • Pyramid Lake
  • Stone Canyon Reservoir
  • Silver Lake Reservoir
  • Lake Lindero
  • Westlake in the Westlake Village City
  • Tweedy Lake
National Areas Protected by the Government Los Angeles has a lot of resources and tourist attractions that pushes a lot of adventurous people to visit the place and be mesmerized with its calming and relaxing nature. Due to the rampant abuse of human beings in the natural resources and other materials, extreme security and further studies are being conducted on varying centers to guarantee that the county will always be protected.
  • Los Padres National Forest
  • Angeles National Forest
  • Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area
These are only some of the most secure and protected areas in Los Angeles. This way, they can maintain the balance between the ecosystem both of the human beings and the animals nearby. It also helps in promoting a safe and effective place to live for the residents or even tourists. Different steps and methods are being applied to the protection of these mentioned places to address the potential phenomena further to hit the county.

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